The Midnight Visitor

midnight visitor


As I lay in my bed with the feel of my red satin sheets against my bare skin, I can feel the brisk cool air blowing in from my opened balcony doors. I can hear the ocean waves pounding the sandy beach outside and see the bright full moon that lingers in the midnight sky. I quickly fall asleep to the soothing music of the ocean as if it were a lullaby. I lay there sleeping and dreaming of romance and hot passionate love making with that special someone and unknowing of the visitor who will appear in my bed tonight.

I feel the tingling sensation of something softly caressing my skin and can smell the masculine aroma of a man’s cologne. I am unable to move but I can feel the hot breath of a man against my neck and shoulders. He plays and runs his hands through my long blonde hair while gently placing kisses upon my cheeks. I can hear the slight moaning of his voice as I lay helpless against the softness of my bed. His hands caress my soft skin over my shoulders and down my chest. Those masculine fingers and hands fondling my breasts and softly twisting my plump pink nipples. I feel his hot breath as he makes his way down over my breasts placing his moist warm mouth over my nipples. Gently licking and sucking on them making them more erect and plump.

His hands slowly moving over my quivering stomach pushing the red satin sheets down my body exposing it to the cool air coming in from the balcony. I can feel my body swelling with arousal and not knowing who my midnight visitor is makes it all that more intense. I feel his soft kisses make their way down over my stomach as one of his hands are still fondling one of my breasts. Then, his soft lips are tasting my hips and thighs. I can feel his body shifting over mine and gently spreading my legs with his.

His kisses are now making their way to my inner thighs where I know he can smell the soft hint of musk coming from my partly shaved vagina. My lips are swollen with arousal and I can feel the wetness between my vaginal lips as it trickles down the crack of my bottom. Out of no where I can feel his face pressed against my vagina as he takes in it’s aroma. His hands firmly but gently squeeze my thighs and slide under me grabbing my bottom and lifting my vagina to his face.

I can now feel his lips kissing my lips as his tongue slides between my vaginal lips tasting of my sexuality and arousal. My eyes are still closed while my midnight visitor has his way licking and tasting my sweet juices. Feeling his light moans and they vibrate between my lips and thighs. My legs start to quiver as my nightly lover delves into my pure sweetness. I can feel his tongue pushing it’s way inside my tiny pink hole as his mouth surrounds the rim and catches all that drips from within.

As his tongue glides back and forth over my clitoris, one of his fingers push deep inside my pink fleshy hole of darkness. Deeper and deeper it penetrates making my legs quiver more and my heart race to the point of beating against my chest. Then, he slides his tongue up and over the edge of my smooth vaginal lip and onto the patch of soft brown hair. Higher and higher he licks his way back up my body and as he reaches my face I can feel his hardness throbbing against my pelvis. My whole body quivers as I lay helpless while my midnight visitor takes advantage and has his way with me. I still cannot open my eyes to see who the mystery man is.

I feel his hand slide down the side of my body and gently spread my legs apart. Opening my legs and welcoming his large appendage inside me. He takes that appendage and slides it up and down between my vaginal lips coating it with my sweet juices before pushing its ways inside me. I feel every bit of my pink fleshy hole as it stretches open to allow him entrance. He slowly pushes in and I can feel my body tense up as he dives deeper. His lips meeting mine as I lose myself in the moment. His masculine body covering mine  with each thrust inside me.

His lips kissing my neck and the feel of his warm breath on me makes me very aroused. I have never felt something so alluring and intense. My legs wrapped around him as he goes in and out pulling my juices to trickle down the crack of my bottom. It feels so good as I climb to orgasm. My arms wrapped around his body scratching at his back as I come to orgasm. While having my orgasm I feel him throb inside me as he too thrusts his creamy juice into my pink fleshy hole. Sweat dripping down off his body as he collapses on top of me. With that one final kiss he disappears into the night. My body quivering with delight and my heart pounding against my chest.

Once I opened my eyes, I see my red satin sheets covering my naked body. It is dry to the touch with no sweat covering it and I still have that sense of euphoria that comes with an orgasm. What happened to my midnight visitor? Where could he have gone so quickly? I look over to my balcony and see that my balcony doors are still open and the audible sounds of the ocean coming into my room. Was this just a dream or was there really someone here with me?



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