Sheila’s Broken Heart

Today Sheila woke up feeling pretty good and knew she had a long day ahead of her. She walked into the kitchen and began making coffee. While the coffee was brewing, she walked outside to get her morning paper and then returned to her kitchen. She grabbed herself a breakfast bar while she sat at the table reading her newspaper. She skimmed through it until her eyes fell on her article about how people can be so cruel to each other. It was found and published on the third page which was a big deal to Sheila.

She heard the coffee maker stop percolating and went to make herself a cup of coffee. Two creamers, one sugar. Sheila has always wanted to visit Paris, so the closest she can get to being there is buying French roasted coffee. Every now and then she will buy some French pastries from the bakery down the street. Hey, a girl can dream. So she sat at her table drinking coffee, eating her breakfast bar, and reading her article in the paper. She was so proud of herself that she felt she earned a reward.

Once she finished her breakfast and coffee, Sheila quickly went into her bedroom to get dressed when the phone rang. She picked up the phone and it was Roxanne on the other end. Roxane was her best friend and confidant. When she said “hello” Roxanne pretty much screamed in her ear how happy she was that Sheila got her article published. Sheila and Roxanne both got excited and Sheila told Roxanne that she was going to reward herself. When Roxanne asked her what she was going to do, Sheila replied that she was going to get her best friend and they were going to have a girls day outing.

Roxanne got so excited that she screamed into the phone again. Sheila informed her that she was getting dressed and that she would be by to get her. They got off of the phone and Sheila went back to getting dressed and decided to wear her lavender knee-length sun dress with spaghetti straps. Once she was ready, she grabbed her keys and purse and headed out the door. She walked down the concrete walkway admiring her Spring flowers that were blooming as she headed for her gold Chrysler three-hundred parked in her driveway.

Once she unlocked the door and proceeded to get in, she flipped down the mirror to recheck her make-up before putting the key in the ignition and starting the car. Sheila adjusted her seat and put on her seatbelt before putting the car into reverse. She pulled out of her driveway and headed down the road. While driving through her quiet subdivision, she was admiring the pretty trees and flowers in her neighbor’s yards. With her window down she could smell the aroma of magnolia trees that lined the street blooming their pretty flowers.

Sheila turned out of her subdivision and headed for Roxanne’s house. Roxanne lived about two miles away in another subdivision. She turned down Roxanne’s street and as she drove she couldn’t help but notice everyone else’s yards. All of the vibrant colors of flowers and trees brought a smile to Sheila’s face. She pulled up in front of Roxanne’s house and blew the horn. Roxanne came running out of the house excited to see her friend. She quickly got into the car and they drove towards the mall outlet about six miles away.

During the drive to the mall, they talked about everything including when Sheila was going to find a man. Sheila just laughed and shrugged it off. There wasn’t a whole lot of traffic during the drive, especially for a gorgeous Spring day. They admired the scenery as they drove and noticed a few things that they haven’t seen before, like the carnival that’s in town, or the new bank they are building. Like they don’t have enough banks in town. They proceeded to drive down Main Street towards the mall while Roxanne was taking notice of all the cute guys along the way.

They were finally pulling into the mall parking lot and it had a few parking spots left which Sheila found one closest to the mall. They parked and Sheila cut off the engine and they got out. They could feel the sun shining on their skin and smelled the freshness in the air. They met each other at the back of the vehicle and headed for the front entrance. As they got inside, they now felt the air conditioning which was a little too cold for Sheila since she didn’t have anything covering her shoulders.

They walked around in the mall and looked in different shops picking out accessories and outfits here and there. Sheila ended up buying a pair of shoes and purse that match, another sundress, hair accessories and make-up. That was her treat to herself. Roxanne picked out a few outfits, some make-up, and a guy’s phone number. She is the flirtatious type while Sheila calls her a slut. They took their bags and slushies from a nearby stand and headed for the exit. Sheila had to get out of there before she spent everything she had.

Upon leaving the mall entrance, they quickly felt the heat of the day that almost made them want to go back inside. They hurried to the car and got the doors open. Both of them tossing their bags into the trunk and getting inside the car which was even hotter. Sheila quickly keyed the ignition and started up the car. She allowed it to run for a few minutes before turning on the air conditioner. With a hot blast of air to the face it then quickly turned cold and began cooling down the inside of the car. They buckled their seat belts and pulled out of the parking space.

Sheila drove around the parking lot looking for a good exit to leave the mall. As they were pulling up to an exit, they spotted a few guys in one of the street parking spaces. They were there hanging out and Roxanne thought they were very cute. She couldn’t wait to get her window down and yell out at them. They heard her shouting and as they looked over, Roxanne waved her hand outside of the window. They waved back and then motioned for the girls to come over.

Sheila made the turn out of the parking lot and in the direction of the guys because Roxanne was doing a lot of pleading with her to go talk to the guys. They found a parking space right in front of the guy’s car and pulled in. Roxanne was quick to unbuckle her seatbelt and get out of the car. Sheila, more or less, took her time because she wasn’t all that interested in talking to these guys.

By the time Sheila got out of the car and got over to where everyone was hanging out, Roxanne already had a guy with his arm around her. By the way they were acting you could say they have known each other forever. While Sheila was standing there, the other guy offered for her to come hang out with him and get to know each other better. Sheila was not at all interested in these young guys and politely told him, “No thank you”. The guy stood with this look on his face as if he were calling Sheila a goody two shoes.

These guys were too young and childish for Sheila. They had to be in their early twenties while Sheila and Roxanne were in their early thirties. Sheila only hung out because of her best friend Roxanne and didn’t want anything from these guys, but she remained polite and respectful. Roxanne ran her mouth to these guys about Sheila’s article publishing and that was not interesting enough to them because they quickly changed the subject.

They hung out with them for a few minutes before Sheila told Roxanne they had to go. Roxanne pouted a little but respected her friend’s wishes and went with her. They walked back over to Sheila’s car and got in. As Sheila was starting the car, Roxanne rolled down the window and began yelling out to the guys her telephone number and for them to call her. The guys yelled back and waved.

Sheila pulled away and headed back down the road to find somewhere where the girls could get something to eat. Roxanne was hungry for pizza and Sheila agreed. They found a good pizza joint to stop at to eat and found a decent parking space. The girls got out of the car and walked inside the air-conditioned restaurant and found a place to sit.

Once they were seated, a waitress came over to take their order which was a large pepperoni and black olive with extra cheese pizza and two cokes. The waitress wrote everything down and went to get the drinks. While the girls waited for their order, Sheila spotted a guy sitting alone eating a pizza and drinking a coke. He was tall, brown hair, and blue- eyed and gorgeous.

Sheila could not take her eyes away from him, even while eating she stared at him. Their eyes finally met and he smiled at Sheila making her blush. While the girls were enjoying their pizza, Sheila noticed him paying his bill and thought that he was leaving, but instead, he walked over to their table and struck up a conversation. Sheila offered for him to sit down but he turned it down stating that he had to get back to work but gave his number to Sheila and told her to call him.

She took his number and told him she would be calling him. She watched as he walked out the door and then looked back at Roxanne who had a mouth full of pizza and began laughing. The girls finished their meal but not before Roxanne told Sheila that she should call him. He looks to be a keeper as she put it. The girls laughed a little more before getting up from the table and walking up to pay for their meal.

Once they paid their bill, the girls walked out the door and headed over to the car. Sheila unlocked the doors and when they opened them, they felt the heat that had accumulated inside the car. They left the doors open and stood outside the car for a few minutes to let some of the heat out before getting in. It had been at least ten minutes before the girls decided to get inside the car.

They got in and before closing the doors, Sheila started the ignition and turned on the air conditioner. After the air became cool, the girls closed their doors and buckled their seatbelts. They began driving and heading towards Sheila’s house where they would indulge in a movie and good conversation.

Once situated for the movie, Roxanne looked over to Sheila and told her that she needs to call the guy from the pizza joint. Sheila was hesitant but decided to give it a try. She picked up the phone and dialed the number. It took three rings before a man’s voice answered the phone and Sheila said, “Hello?” The man spoke back and Sheila had to remind him of who she was and he was glad to hear from her. They spoke for a few minutes before setting up a date for dinner that evening. He then stated that he had to get back to work and that he looked forward to their date that evening. Sheila said goodbye and hung up the phone.

Roxanne was curious as to how the conversation went and Sheila began giving her details and that they had set a date for this evening. Roxanne was so happy for her and then they proceeded to finish watching the movie. It was a tear jerker and was not the right movie to watch before a date with a new guy, but they continued to watch it until the end.

Once the movie was over, it was almost time for Sheila to start getting ready for her date. She had Roxanne follow her into her bedroom to help pick out an outfit for her date. They went through several outfits before finding a nice knee length blue dress that brought out Sheila’s facial features and long legs. It was now time for Sheila to get in the shower, so Roxanne made her way back into the living room to wait.

Sheila jumped into a nice hot shower and took her time making sure she was nice and clean. She washed her hair and then turned off the water. She opened up the shower and reached for her towel while feeling her hair drip water over her shoulders. She dried her hair with the towel before wrapping her hair up in the towel on top of her head. She reached for her big bath towel and began drying off her body. She put on deodorant, lotioned up her body before spritzing some body spray all over herself.

Then, she made it into her bedroom to put her outfit on. She slipped on black panties with a matching bra and then slipped some thigh high nylons on. After working the nylons onto her legs, she was then ready to slip her blue dress on over her head. Turning around and grabbing her dress, she slipped it over her head and pulled it down her body. It was a perfect fit.

Sheila then walked over to her closet and pulled out a pair of her suede blue heels that accented her outfit and her legs. Sheila was now ready and sprayed a little alluring perfume on her and dabbed some on her wrists.

She walked back into her living room with the towel still on her head and asked Roxanne how she looked? Roxanne looked at her and told her that her outfit looked perfect but she really needed to get the towel off her head and put a little make-up on. Other than that, Roxanne started to laugh a little and then realizing that she still had the towel on her head, Sheila began laughing with her taking it off her head.

She walked back into her bathroom and started brushing her hair before looking over at the clock checking the time. She still had a few minutes before her date was to show up. After getting the tangles out of her hair, she grabs the blow dryer and starts drying her hair before putting a few curls in it. Then, it was time to add some color to her face. It only took a couple of minutes for her to add make-up and then once she was finished she got another approval from Roxanne.

Sheila was finally ready for her date and just in time because a knock came to the door. Sheila walked over to the door and opened it staring at a very attractive guy with flowers in his hand. He reached out and handed her the flowers and then commenting how beautiful she was. Sheila started to blush again and then told Roxanne to lock up when she leaves. Roxanne watched as her best friend left with her date.

While they walked down the sidewalk to where he was parked, Sheila finally asked him what his name was. It was so odd because when he gave her his phone number, instead of putting his name, he just wrote down “pizza guy”. He turned to her and said that his name was Brad. After hearing what his name was she returned with her name to him. Brad just laughed.

They were finally at his car which was an older Ford Mustang which was canary yellow. He reached down and opened her door allowing her to get inside before closing the door back and walking around to his side of the car. He opened his door and immediately sat inside and put his key in the ignition turning the car over and then taking a minute to listen to the hum of the engine. He then buckled his seat belt just as she did and they were on their way.

As they drove down the street making their way to the restaurant, they made minimal conversation due to the strangeness and nervousness of actually going on a date. They began talking about little things here and there until they both felt a little at ease with each other. It wasn’t long before they arrived at the Italian restaurant where Brad had made reservations for the two of them. He found a parking place and pulled in shutting down the car and unbuckling. Sheila unbuckled her seatbelt before noticing that Brad had already gotten out of the car and waiting at her door to open it for her.

He reached out for her hand helping her out of the car before closing the door. Brad escorted her to the door holding it open for her as she walked inside. They walked up to a gentleman standing behind a podium and Brad informed him they had a reservation. The gentleman escorted them to their table and helping Sheila with her chair. He handed each one a menu and excused himself for a few minutes.

Brad and Sheila looked over their menu and decided what to have. It was only a few minutes before the waiter came over to take their order. Sheila wanted the large stuffed shells with garlic bread and Brad asked for the chicken parmesan with fettucini. After placing their order, and the waiter walks away, they both looked at each other and smiled. It was an odd situation for Sheila but she was being a good sport about everything and trying her best to have a good time.

After about twenty minutes or so the waiter arrived with their food and a complimentary bottle of champagne. As the waiter poured the champagne, Sheila noticed and watched the bubbles rising and sticking to the side of the glass. It was almost mesmerizing to her. She had never had champagne before but was willing to give it a try. She reached for the glass and brought it to her lips only taking a sip at first. She looked at Brad and smiled making the comment of how it tasted fruity and tickled the back of her throat. Brad let out a small laugh and told her to enjoy it.

They both sat eating, drinking champagne, and gaining in good conversation. It was becoming more relaxing with each other that they actually found out that they have quite a few things in common like music, movies, food, and vacation spots. They spent the better of two hours sitting there enjoying their meal and talking that a closeness was starting to happen. Sheila could feel how involved she was becoming with Brad and felt a little more relaxed with him.

After dessert, the couple got up to leave and Brad escorted her out to the car. He opened the door for her and then closed it before heading back to his side to get in. Brad started the ignition and before backing out he looked at Sheila and asked her if she was enjoying herself to which she quickly shook her head and said, “yes”. Then, he backed the car out of the parking space and began driving out of the parking lot.

Once they left the parking lot, Brad began driving down the street and told Sheila that he wanted to take her somewhere special. She smiled back before asking, “where?”. He said it was somewhere he always goes to clear his mind and it has a great view. This sounded exciting to her and she looked forward to it.

As they made their way up the winding road in his Mustang, Sheila couldn’t help but be amazed by the scenery. They reached the top and came to a clearing on the mountain side where Brad had parked the car and they had both gotten out. They walked close to the edge together to look out over the city and see all the pretty lights. It was such a clear night and Sheila could see stars beyond stars. As she looked up gazing at the stars she just happened to see a shooting star before closing her eyes to make a wish.

They stood there for minutes before getting back into the car to get Sheila home before it gets too late. He walked her to her side and again opened the door for her. Once she was inside and buckling up, Brad closed her door and walked around to his side to get in. he started the car and they started the ride to Sheila’s house. It was a decent ride which took about thirty minutes to reach her house from the top of the mountain. The night air was crisp and fresh smelling and she loved the ride home.

They pulled up in front of her house where he got out to escort her to her door. On the porch, they stood staring into each other’s eyes and telling each other how they had a good time. Before leaving, Brad leaned down and kissed her cheek softly which caused Sheila to blush again. He was such a gentlemen and Sheila was growing fond of him. After kissing her cheek he said his goodnight before turning to walk down the walkway which led to his car. Sheila just stood there smiling as she watched him pull off before entering her front door.

She got inside her house and headed for the bedroom to change into something more comfortable. She was very happy with her date went and couldn’t wait to tell Roxanne about it. Before she could even finish that thought in her head, the phone rang with Roxanne on the other end. When she picked up the phone, Roxanne’s first sentence was, “how did your date go?”.

Sheila was happy to tell her how it went and what fun she had. They had a phone conversation for about an hour before ending the phone call and hanging up. Sheila did not feel tired at all because of her adrenaline rush from the date. She got into her pajama’s and went to the kitchen for a cup of hot tea. After brewing her tea, she headed into her bedroom to cuddle up on her bed with her tea and a novel she had been reading. She stayed up for about another two hours because she got caught up in her novel before getting under the covers and falling asleep.

The next few days had been fun because every day she had been going out with Brad. They have done so many things together and Sheila feeling closer to him, that she got it into her head that they were going to become a couple. They spoke on the phone a lot, went out on dates, and even had a few picnics. Everything seems to be going well.

Over the course of the next few months, they had been dating quite a bit. It was thought by Sheila at this point that they were officially a couple until one day when she hadn’t heard from Brad all that day. She tried calling him to get no answer. Sheila started to worry about him.

Over the next few days, Sheila still had not heard from Brad and was starting to feel a little depressed about it and wondering if she had done something wrong. She confided in Roxanne for advice about what she should do, and then the phone rang.

When Sheila looked at her phone she noticed it was Brad calling. She instantly got excited until she answered it. When she said, “Hello?”, a woman on the other end asked who Sheila was. It sort of caught Sheila off guard as to why a woman would have Brad’s phone. She told the woman her name and then asked the strange woman who she was. The woman answered stating that she was Sophie, Brad’s wife.

At that moment, Sheila’s mouth fell open and her heart fell to the floor. How can he have done this to her? He never said he was married and this is exactly what every other man has done to her. Either they were married or had girlfriends. She apologized to Sofie and told her what all had been going on. Now it made sense why he always paid with cash even though he had credit cards.

After the phone call, Sheila hung up the phone and began crying. Roxanne just so happened to be there and tried comforting Sheila. She had such high hopes for their relationship. Sheila felt so bad because she truly had a broken heart.


Stephanie’s Third Date

Stephanie opened her eyes and felt the ray of morning sunshine on her face as she remembered her date with Zack last night. She found the stuffed bear he won for her cradled in her arm and she lay there smiling with a sense of euphoria being that her second date had gone so nicely. She raised up in bed and sat the bear on top of her pillow as she climbed out of her bed and stretched herself before slipping her feet into her pink fuzzy slippers. Stephanie has never felt more rested than she did at that moment. She couldn’t keep the big smile off of her face no matter how hard she tried.

Stephanie put her robe on and made her way to the restroom before heading downstairs to meet the family for breakfast. As she walked into the kitchen, her father and mother were sitting at the table drinking coffee while Stephanie’s father was reading the morning paper. She glided by her father placing a huge hug around his neck and kiss upon his cheek before moving over to her mother and giving her a huge hug and kiss before settling down into her seat and opening a box a granola cereal. She made her bowl of cereal and sat quietly eating as her father asked her about her date last night? Stephane had stopped eating long enough for her to respond to her father’s question. She told him that they went to the carnival and rode the rides, played some games and that Zack had won her a stuffed bear. She informed her father that she had so much fun and enjoyed herself. Stephanie again had to reassure her father that Zack was a perfect gentleman and that was all.

Her mother then interrupted the conversation by asking Stephanie about her sleepover for that evening? Stephanie went into details about how it would only be just of few of her true friends and that they would order pizza and get a few movies out. Her mother was excited that Stephanie was going to spend the evening in with some of her friends. Her parents weren’t really sure about this boy because Stephanie has failed to introduce them to each other. Stephanie went on about how the girls would watch movies, do hair and nails, and pretty much what other college girls do for fun when there are no guys involved.

That comment brought a smile to her mother’s face as she was finishing up her coffee. Her father politely asked when they would get a chance to meet this boy? Stephanie stopped eating and looked over at her father and thought the worst. Is her father going to run this boy off, or would her father embarrass her in front of him? She hesitantly replied that she would talk to Zack and find out when a good time for him to come over would be. She would inform her father of the time and day so it would fit into his schedule since it was so important. Stephanie hurried up with finishing her cereal before running upstairs to get dressed for the day. She had plans to make and arrangements to be taken care of before her friends were to arrive.

Once she got dressed and did her hair, Stephanie got on the phone to Zack to see when he would be able to come over to meet her parents. After three rings his phone went to voicemail and she left a message asking him to call her and then she hung up. Before putting her phone down she called all of her true friends to find out what time they will be coming over and then she made her arrangements. While getting stuff together for her evening

While getting stuff together for her evening, her cell phone rang and it was Zack on the other end. Instantly the smile came back over her face and she could feel herself flush while listening to his voice on the phone. When she got herself together she asked if it would be okay with him to come over sometime and meet her parents? He didn’t answer so quickly but did respond within a minute or two telling her that he would be honored to meet her parents. They agreed on a time and day so she could inform her father and then they said their goodbyes to each other waiting for the other to hang up the phone. They just laughed between the two of them because neither of them wanted to hang up. Stephanie finally said a quick goodbye and hung up the phone fast, putting it down trying to resist calling him back.

She had just gotten things arranged when a knock came to the door. When she opened up the door she found her four true friends, Isabel, Marcy, Penny, and Ruby standing there with overnight bags in their hands. She invited them inside and told them where they could sit their bags. She closed the door behind them and then escorted them into the kitchen where her mother was and everyone said their hellos before going up to Stephanie’s room.

They got inside her bedroom and everyone kicked off their shoes to relax and lounged around the room chatting about their day. Marcy did make the comment how strange it was to be in college and still having sleepover’s and everyone just laughed. Stephanie reported to them how her parents want to meet Zack and that she had just gotten off of the phone with him setting the time and day up with him. Her own friends haven’t even met him yet because she has been trying to keep him a secret. They all knew that Stephanie was a virgin still and that her parents are so protective over her. They did understand being that their parents were overprotective as well, but none of them were still virgins either.

The girls hung out for awhile before Stephanie’s cell phone began ringing. When she picked it up, she noticed that it was Zack calling and nervously answered it saying “hello?”. Zack’s voice was so sexy when hearing it on the phone and when she asked him what he needed, he surprised her by stating that he was sitting in her driveway. She quickly ran over to the window and looked out seeing him standing next to his car and looking up at her smiling. She smiled back and told him she would be down in a  minute. Stephanie quickly hung the phone up and sat it down on her dresser. She nervously turned around and asked the girls if they were ready to meet Zack because he was parked in her driveway. All of her friends got up and looked out the window and saw this gorgeous guy leaning against his car waiting for Stephanie to appear downstairs.

They all got their shoes on and made sure everyone’s hair was good before running downstairs and out of the front door. They made it around the house to the driveway and Stephanie was met with a passionate kiss which made all of the girls stop dead in their tracks and start smiling making cooing noises. When Zack released her lips from that kiss Stephanie had to catch herself from the daze it just put her in. When she turned around and was face to face with her true friends she felt embarrassed but Isabel walked up and hugged her saying that it was okay and that they were happy for her.

Stephanie started introducing Zack to her true friends and then grabbed him by the hand and led him into the house where her parents were in the sitting room together. Stephanie walked in with Zack in hand and introduced him to her parents. Zack was very polite and said a warm hello to my mother and as my father stood up, Zack reached his hand out to meet his in a handshake while informing him it was a pleasure to meet Stephanie’s parents finally. She looked at her father and noticed that when Zack said that the expression on her father’s face was a welcoming one. It was the look of her father’s approval as he sat back down. We all sat for a few minutes chatting and Zack telling his life story to her parents before remembering that her friends were still outside.

They quickly got up and headed for the front door, but not before Zack turned to her parents and excused themselves and apologized for leaving so abruptly. Stephanie’s parents just smiled and said their goodbyes as the two kids walked out the front door. They got back around to the driveway where her friends were waiting for the good news. Stephanie informed them that everything went as well as expected. One after another, each girl gave Stephanie a big hug before leaning over and giving Zack a big hug.

Everything was going to be okay now and Stephanie lets out a big sigh of relief. Zack hung around for a few minutes more before heading out because he had to be at work soon. He leaned over and gave her another passionate kiss as if it were her first again and got back inside his car. Once he had his car started, Zack looked over at Stephanie and asked her out for a third date. Stephanie started blushing and while smiling she said “yes”. Zack then informed her he would be calling sometime tomorrow to set the day and time. He then backed out of the driveway and pulled off down the road. Stephanie’s friends were so happy for her and then they grabbed her and started back for the house.

Once inside her room, they all sat around asking Stephanie questions about Zack and their first couple of dates. She told them that the first date was simple and fun, but no kissing. The second date was the carnival and first kiss, where Stephanie started blushing again while telling them the story. Everyone could tell Stephanie was happy and that they were all happy for her. Ruby straightened up in her seat and told Stephanie that she deserved to be happy but just to be careful not to fall so fast. After that, the girls put in their delivery for pizza and got out some movies. The evening was about to commence.

It was late by the time the girls went to sleep that night because they had sat up talking after the pizza, movie, and doing one another’s hair and nails. They talked about guys and what to be careful for and look out for. It was much-needed advice for Stephanie. She still thought she was dreaming when it came to Zack. She couldn’t hardly believe that a guy could actually like her, but her friends reassured her and made her feel better.

The next morning when all of the girls were waking up, they noticed Stephanie sitting in her windowsill staring out at the sky and asked her if everything was alright? She looked back at them and said she had a bad dream and it bothered her so much that she couldn’t go back to sleep. They all got up and surrounded her trying to comfort her. When Penny asked her what the dream was about, all Stephanie could remember was that something bad had happened and that she would lose Zack. The girls comforted her and tried to reassure her that everything was going to be okay and that it was just a bad dream. They eventually made her feel better and everyone got dressed and ready to leave.

Stephanie had walked everyone to the front door and gave each of them their hugs and kisses before watching them walk down the drive to Isabel’s car. Stephanie waved at them as they started pulling off and then watched as they disappeared down the street. Stephanie being exhausted from lack of sleep went back upstairs and collapsed across her bed falling quickly asleep.

A few hours later her cell phone rang and it woke her up. Stephanie reached for her phone and answered it. It was Zack, and Stephanie instantly woke up saying”hello” to him. She sat up on her bed to talk to him and he was wanting to plan their next date. They chatted a bit and decided that they would go out again next weekend until her mother walked into her room. She wasn’t aware of the fact that her daughter was on the phone and apologized, but Stephanie asked Zack to hold on while she found out what her mother wanted. Stephanie looked at her mother and she replied with the situation of asking Zack to come over for dinner. Stephanie’s jaw dropped as she stared at her mother, but Zack being on the phone heard the question and politely said he would love too. Stephanie again stopped and then looked at her phone, smiled, and then informed her mother that Zack said he would be honored. Her mother said okay and asked if Wednesday night would be okay? Zack, hearing her on the phone said that would be fine and Stephanie voiced his answer to her mother who being satisfied with the answer then left the room closing the door behind her.

She was finally alone with Zack on the phone and began giggling because her parents are so fruity sometimes and Zack laughed with her. He turned around and told Stephanie that their third date was set and that he would be there Wednesday night for a good home cooked dinner. She told Zack that she thought it strange because her parents have never acted quite like that even with a guy being involved. They were just too nice. So after a few more laughs they said their goodbye and looked forward to seeing each other on Wednesday evening. Stephanie hung up the phone and went downstairs to see her parents.

Upon arriving in the sitting room, she was greeted by her parents who conversating and laughing together. Stephanie went and sat in a chair in front of them and quickly asked, “What’s going on?”. Her parents stopped laughing and asked what she meant by that question? She informed her parents that she thought it odd that all of a sudden they want to invite him over to dinner. “What is your plan or scheme?” she asked. Her parents just thought that it might be a good gesture to get to know him that’s all. Stephanie’s parents have never lied to her or steered her the wrong way so she accepted their answer and left the room.

The next couple of days were okay but just a little stressful waiting for Wednesday to get here. Stephanie attended her classes and saw her tutors and did her studying in the library on her breaks while sending cute little text messages back and forth with Zack. She tried to keep her mind on her studies but he seemed to have her attention whenever that little beep came in from her phone. He did seem to release some of her stress by occupying her mind with text messages and it became more of an anxious moment now wanting Wednesday to get her just so she could see him.

The sound of her alarm going off and her phone beeping, let Stephanie know it was Wednesday already. She jumped up out of bed, got in the shower before her little brother, and ran downstairs after getting dressed. She met her parents in the kitchen just like any other morning and sat down to eat her granola cereal, but this time she added some fresh strawberries her mother had on the table to her cereal. Her mother said “good morning” and asked if everything was okay? Stephanie was just excited because it was Wednesday and the look in her eyes her mother could tell why she was excited, but she just smiled and went back into the conversation with her father.

Stephanie informed her parents that Ruby would be coming to pick her up for school and that she was running a little late. While eating her cereal, Stephanie heard the horn from Ruby’s car outside and grabbed her stuff, kissed everyone, and ran out the door. No one knew what the day had in store for everyone, but it would be a day that changes many lives.

Stephanie ran down to the car in her driveway, opened the door, and while getting inside said her good morning to Ruby. Ruby knew what today was and she was even as excited for Stephanie as well. She was bouncy and giddy and making all these cooing sounds towards Stephanie to where it had her blushing again. They rode to school talking about the morning and what classes they had until driving through an intersection and not seeing the distracted driver heading right for them. They were hit on Stephanie’s side of the car and t-boned. The whole side of Ruby’s car was crushed in and compacted against Stephanie who had a bleeding cut on her head and unconscious. Once the car came to a still, Ruby was hunched over the steering wheel unconscious and Stephanie pinned in the mangled car unconscious as well.

People in other cars were stopping, getting out and trying to check on the teenagers who were unconscious. One woman got on her phone and called 9-1-1 while others were checking on the girls who didn’t seem to be responsive. The driver who hit them got out of her car with cell phone in hand asking if everyone was okay before going back to texting on her phone. Then came the sirens of both two ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks to the scene. The police wee immediately pointed towards the woman who hit the girls on her phone while the paramedics and firemen were trying to get the teenage girls out of the car. Ruby was taken out first since she was the easiest to remove. Then, the sounds of a cutter sounding as they had to cut Stephanie from the car still unconscious. Both girls were rushed to the hospital while the police were arresting the woman who hit them.

The phone rang in Stephanie’s house where her parents were engaged in conversation unaware that their daughter needed them. Stephanie’s mother answered the phone but after a few seconds of the conversation, she dropped the phone alarming Stephanie’s father to pick it up. It was a nurse from the hospital on the other end explaining to them that their daughter was involved in a car accident and that she was unconscious at the hospital. He immediately told the nurse they were on their way down and hung up the phone erratically. He informed his wife to get her coat and purse and that they were headed down to the hospital to help their daughter.

Once arriving at the hospital, the parents frantically asked where they could find their daughter and were immediately shown to her room. They walked into this cold, white covered room that smelled of disinfectant and saw their daughter laying in this white covered bed hooked to all these machines. Stephanie’s mother broke down into tears and immediately ran to her daughter’s side grabbing her lifeless hand. Stephanie’s father still in shock of what he was looking at walked over and leaned down to his daughter placing a kiss upon her forehead and quietly stating to her that they were there with her.

It seemed like hours before the doctor showed his face in the room explaining that the accident was very bad. The driver, Ruby, did not make it. She sustained internal injuries and after every attempt to save her life there just wasn’t anything else they could do. They could not stop the bleeding and she had died about fifteen minutes after arriving at the hospital. When asked about their daughter, the doctor informed them that she was mangled inside the car and was seated at the point of impact. Her neck was broken and she is paralyzed from the chest down, but his other concern was that she is now in a coma and he doesn’t know when she will wake up, or what brain damage she might have.

Stephanie’s mother broke down crying as she caressed the side of her daughter’s emotionless and still face. Her father still in a sense of shock sat down in the chair next to his daughter’s bed staring down at the floor trying to come to grips with what has happened. Soon after the doctor left, a nurse came in with Stephanie’s phone which had been going off for a while now. Stephanie’s mother remembered that dinner was tonight and gently took the phone from the nurse and called Zack. She told Zack what had happened and he alarmingly said he would be right there before hanging up. Both of Stephanie’s parents were distraught by this whole ordeal and all they could do was pray and be comforting to each other and their daughter.

About an hour later, Zack came sliding into the room and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Stephanie laying there unconscious and still. Her mother informed him that her friend Ruby did not make it and that they were holding on to faith that Stephanie will pull through. Zack somberly walked over to Stephanie’s side and leaned down kissing her softly on her lips with her parents looking on in tears. He placed his forehead against hers and whispered softly to her that she is going to make it and be alright. Zack then sat in the bed next to her holding her and looking at her bandaged body. Stephanie’s mother apologizing to him that their dinner together was ruined, and then it hit him, dinner isn’t over. He thought for a minute and decided to leave and told them he would be back in about an hour, before walking out the door of the hospital room.

Stephanie’s parents could do nothing but sit and watch their daughter for any sign of life in her, but nothing came. Both of her parents were sitting on each side of her holding her hand and trying to make sense of everything. “How could this have happened?” Her mother asked. Stephanie’s mother so distraught even more to where Stephanie’s father had to comfort her and even remove her from the room until she could calm down. Once calm and a little more collected, both parents went back into Stephanie’s hospital room and again just sat talking to their daughter.

Then, about fifteen minutes later, Zack walked into the room with his hands full of bags. He walked over to the side of the bed where Stephanie’s father stood up to help him with the bags and asked what he was doing? Zack acknowledged the fact that Stephanie would not be able to talk or maybe even notice that they are there with her, but they could still have dinner with her and get to know each other better. Her mother smiled and grabbed his hand holding and squeezing it while telling him thank you.

They began moving a table next to the bed and setting dinner places for each of them before sitting down. They grabbed each other’s hand and her father said grace over the food and over his daughter before they started eating and talking amongst themselves. They were having that dinner that Stephanie was so anxious about and it ended up being quite nice. They asked each other questions and Zack was no more pleased than to answer them and the evening went on as planned. Stephanie’s parents got to know the boy who held their daughter’s heart and he got to know them. After dinner was done and the cleanup completed they sat around Stephanie talking and listening to the details of Zack and Stephanie’s first two dates.

It had gotten to be late into the night when Zack mentioned they should go home and get some rest while he stayed with her. He reassured them that if anything should happen they would be the first to know. Stephanie’s mother gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek before telling him to not stay up so late and for him to get some rest as well. They said their goodbyes and headed out the door as her father turned to Zack and said they will be back in the morning. Zack smiled and then climbed onto the bed with Stephanie holding her and caressing her face as he spoke to her softly. He sat with her most of the night and whispered into her ear that he loved their third date with her parents and that everything was going to be okay before laying his head on hers and falling fast asleep.

Stepanie’s First Date

Stephanie was in her first year of college and has never been on a date in her life. She was so sheltered by her parents that she didn’t even know what guys were about. She was raised in an all-girl Catholic school so she was never in a mixed environment with guys. She was a casual girl who wore casual clothing on her feminine frame of a body. Her parents were so Catholic that her hair hasn’t been cut since birth, she had eyes that were like a doe, and never wore anything at knee-length. She was sort of conservative but there was always this curious side of her. She was more focused on school work than guys even though some of her girlfriends were against it.

Stephanie had plenty of girlfriends, some of which had been her friend since kindergarten. She wasn’t what you would call popular but she did have an assortment of friends. Some were those who like you because you had money, some were because of popularity status, and then she had real friends who didn’t care if she had money or where she came from. Those were her true friends that she could count on. Stephanie dealt with a battle every day around her popularity friends because they had no shame or morals and have lost their virginity already, some even more as sluts. She did not care for how they acted around guys and paid them no attention. She didn’t pick them, they picked her. It was always about social status with them.

Her money friends were no better than the popularity girls because all they did was flash it around and be snobbish. Stephanie is from money but she doesn’t flaunt it like all the rest. She has a savings account full of cash but she is a thrifty shopper always looking for deals. She was the one who liked to shop in thrift or bargain stores because they had good clothing also. It always made her friends so aggravated when they went shopping and she wasn’t interested in the clothing after looking at the price tags. Stephanie would pay on average about forty to fifty dollars on a whole weeks worth of outfits, so she couldn’t bring herself to spend forty dollars on a blouse that would hardly be worn. She only went to the mall with them to make them happy.

One day while at the mall, it was a Saturday I think, that Stephanie went with her friends. She walked around with them and while they were in a boutique shopping she would sit out in the seating area of the mall sipping on a diet soda. While she was sitting there, a very cute guy walked up and began talking to her. He seemed to be very nice and intelligent and then asked if he could sit down. Stephanie felt pretty comfortable talking to him so she said yes to him sitting down.

They sat there having a decent conversation while her friends were shopping in a nearby store. Everything was going great and Stephanie did all she could to not show how much of a true virgin she was. They kept the conversation pretty harmless and Stephanie was warming up a little to a guy she just met. They talked for a while before her girlfriends walked out of the boutique and saw her sitting with a guy. They immediately wanted to know who he was and did he have money. Stephanie left the comments alone and tried to end her conversation with the guy. When she got up and started to follow her friends he stopped her and told her his name was Zack and asked if she would consider going out with him. Stephanie started to blush but agreed. Zack smiled and asked for her address so he could come pick her up. She wrote it down on a scratch piece of paper from her purse and was still smiling when she handed it to him. He looked down at it and smiled back at her and said he would pick her up at seven o’clock and she nodded back smiling and blushing. Her friends saw the exchange of paper and wanted to know everything there was to know about the situation just because it would give them something to talk about, but Stephanie told them there was nothing to say and walked on.

When Stephanie got home she ran right upstairs to pick out an outfit for her date. After about thirty minutes she finally had her outfit which was more on the conservative side as to not give any mistaken signals. She laid her outfit across her bed and headed for the shower to get ready for her date. you could even hear her hum a little from inside the shower. When she stepped out it was all about powder, lotion, and a spritz of perfume to her bare body.

She wraps a huge towel around her and a smaller one for her hair and heads back to the bedroom. She gets inside her door right before her younger brother comes down the hallway. That was too close. She starts putting on her bra and panties before reaching for her outfit on the bed. She slips into her dress and puts on some nylons before slipping her feet into her flat dress shoes. She was a never a girl who admired high heels, she always bought low pumps or flat dress shoes. Most of the time she is in a pair of pink sneakers which goes along with her jeans and sweaters.

While she was spritzing some perfume on she heard the doorbell ring. Before anyone could get to the door she was down the stairs quickly and opening the front door. There stood Zack in a nice pair of slacks and a button down short sleeve dress shirt. She smiled when she saw him and noticed he was even wearing a pair of black dress shoes. She thought he looked very cute and respectful. He brought her a corsage to slide over her wrist before offering her his arm to escort her to his car. She felt kind of shy a little but soon warmed up and began a good conversation while riding in the car.

They soon arrived at the restaurant which wasn’t your average fast food place. Zack took her to a nice restaurant to impress her to which she was. Once parked, Zack got out and ran around to her side to open the door for her. She thought that he was such a nice guy. Her led her into the restaurant where they were seated and Zack offered to order for her which she was thrilled by. He ordered their food and sat staring at her and smiling. They talked about everything from where he went to school, what kind of job he had, and things about his family. He was quite the listener and answered all of Stephanie’s questions very politely. Stephanie was so pleased with how everything was going so far.

When their food arrived, Stephanie felt a bit awkward eating in front of a guy especially when she started to like him. The evening seemed to be perfect and she was definitely enjoying the conversation. She ate slowly and listened pretty much to every word that he spoke. Stephanie was becoming infatuated with Zack and began feeling comfortable around him. They spent the better of two hours having dinner and staring into each other’s eyes. Zack smiling and Stephanie blushing with every sentence he created. When they were finished he escorted her to the car opening the door for her and helping her inside. He closed the door and ran around to his side to get in.

They still had a good conversation on the drive back to Stephanie’s house, but before he took her home he said that he wanted to show her something which she agreed too. He drove for about twenty minutes before turning down a dark dirt road surrounded by trees. It was almost a spooky scene out of a movie but Stephanie didn’t seem to be worried because she felt safe with Zack. They drove down this dark road for about five minutes before the road came to an end at a clearing where they could see the lights from the city and all the stars shining so bright. The sky was so clear that you could actually see the layers of stars and most of the constellations.

Stephanie was taken by the picture of the night sky. Zack went around to her side of the car and helped her out of the car and led her to the front of the car where they would sit and admire the brilliance of the night sky. While sitting on the hood of Zack’s car Stephanie was admiring the view when she felt Zack’s arm surround her back and his hand rest on her shoulder. He pulled her slightly to him and she felt so good being in his arms. She looked at him and smiled when his free hand caressed the side of her face as he moved closer to her kissing her gently on the lips. Zack could feel her tense up as he pulled away. He asked her if she was alright and she told him she had never been kissed before. Zack smiled and apologized for kissing her when she stopped him and said she liked it.

They sat there staring at the night sky talking before Zack stated he should take her home because it was getting late. She agreed and he helped her off of the hood and escorted her back to the passenger side of the car. He closed her door and went to his side to get in and started the car. Zack drove her home and walked her to her door where he quietly asked if she would go out with him again sometime. She blushed and told him that she would love too. They leaned forward and kissed each other very slowly and gently before he left her at her door and walked back to his car turning around often to see her staring at him as he walked away.

She watched him get into his car and drive away before opening the door to go inside. She felt like a young school girl as she slowly and nonchalantly walked up the stairs and into her bedroom. She collapsed onto her bed kicking off her shoes and began rubbing her feet together as she thought about that kiss. Stephanie had never been kissed and found it to be so exciting that she looked forward to their next date.